Open the doors of the business for celebrities in Dominican Republic

Repùblica Dominicana

After the inauguration of highway Miches – Sabana de la Mar, we have opened the doors to the world of investments in Dominican Republic; the first step is done by the Four Seasons giant, presenting a mega project with the intention of construire the first hotel in Miches hoping to give life to tourism in this marvelous place.

Although this part of the island is not well known abroad, they always notice more international celebrities like Brad Pitt, Shakira, Beyonce, Jay Z and Robert De Niro; after spending a worthwhile holiday, they have expressed the desire to invest in the “isla bonita”.

The beautiful Dominican Republic still has the “virgin paradises” such as the beautiful beach Costa Esmeralda; perfect works of nature such as the Santuario de Mamíferos Caribbean, where in the winter months you can watch the famous “Humpback Whales (whale misticeto the whale family,” natural conditions that make the Caribbean island the perfect place to spend days surrounded by nature.

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Source: Listin Diario